February 28, 2009

A Christmas Story...in February

Bear with me (or is it bare? I always get it confused) as I play catch up for the family's sake on pictures...

This little wiseman did a mama proud in his school play, even though he was battling his 1st ever ear infection.

Handing over his gift to baby Jesus.

Looking for me.

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Dishroon's house. Note the "what the hell" on Ben's face. He had just opened a gag gift of girly items...brushes, ribbons, barrettes, etc.

He was so pleased when I put a pretty ribbon in his hair.

The perfect gift.

Trimming the tree.

Ben did most of the ornament hanging.

As a result all of the ornaments got bunched together on the lower right half of the tree.

Alex looks like he is helping, but really he is just taking all of the ornaments off of the tree. He learned the phrase "no touch" that evening.

Christmas morning was by far from Norman Rockwell....Ben was suffering from an allergic reaction to the antibiotics prescribed for his ear infection and Alex was, well just Alex, so they both were suffering from a severe case of the grumpies. But life is not always Leave It To Beaver and you have to make the most of what you are given.

Christmas morning...Santa's been here!


If you look closely you can see the hives broken out on Ben's face.

I won't bore you with the hundreds of repetitive photos of them opening gifts. I don't think Ben even realized all he had gotten until the next day.

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