March 19, 2009

Rock-A-Bye Baby

We spent another beautiful day at the park yesterday. Alex loves the swings! As soon as we arrive he is begging (grunting) to get on and be pushed.

Only, you have to be careful and not let him swing for too long of a period of time, because this is what happens..
Rock a bye baby

And because I never tire of boys on train tracks...

Trying to keep up.
Trying to keep up

I tried to get a picture of both boys.
Facing the camera.
Acting like they like each other.

This was the best of the bunch...
Why can't they look at me together and smile?

I like this one, even though I chopped his poor chin and forehead off.
Just because I like his eyes

I did get to see my first butterfly of the year, an Eastern Tailed Blue.
Eastern Tailed Blue-TTV

Just for's a moth that's been hanging out inside my house all week perched on my dusty bookshelf (didn't realize it was so dusty until I saw it through my macro lens).
Moth on a dusty bookshelf

That is all.

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Anonymous March 19, 2009 at 7:10 PM  

That picture of Alex sleeping in the swing is adorable!! And I'm jealous that you have butterflies! I can't wait until we have butterflies again!

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