August 7, 2009

Little miracles

Yesterday while outside playing with Alex I was checking out the Passion Vine growing up our telephone pole. That in itself is a miracle since Passion Vines typically like tropic conditions. I can only assume the bluebirds living above the vine in their bluebird house dropped seeds. Anyway, I noticed a bud and thought it might be on the verge of blooming. Sure enough, when I went back out an hour later it had fully blossomed.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Who knew it could open up so quickly? I am going to keep a close eye on the other buds and try to catch a sequence of pictures of the blooming in action.

While examining this beautiful and unique flower I noticed several of these caterpillars munching on the leaves. After a bit of research (i.e. did we ever find out about anything before google?) I discovered that they were the caterpillars of the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.

Gulf Fritillary caterpillar

Gulf Fritillary caterpillar

As I was sitting there snapping away a Gulf Fritillary butterfly came by. She fluttered all around me visiting the Passion Vine. I quickly realized what was going on. She was laying eggs! What an amazing opportunity to witness!! I sat there for a good 20 minutes watching.

Gulf Fritillary laying an egg

Gulf Fritillary laying an egg

Caught her mid-flutter. If you look right where her leg is pointing you can see where she had just placed an egg.

Taking a short rest.
taking a rest

An egg, so tiny!
Gulf Fritillary larvae egg

I am so grateful to have witnessed something so unique and beautiful!

3 thanks for stopping by, i love comments!:

janel August 8, 2009 at 11:50 PM  

Oh my heavens...such wonderful photos and so lucky to be there to see all of this emerging. I know that new life and experiencing the cycle of life is especially poignant for you right now. What a wonderful, beautiful post. Enjoy your weekend.

Sarah August 9, 2009 at 1:50 PM  

Wow! So incredibly beautiful! I just adore your pictures!

Anonymous August 10, 2009 at 7:12 PM  

It is realy interesting to see the butterfly egg so close. It alsmost looks like a tiny ear of corn. Amazing isn't it how a butterfly could evolve from something so tiny. LD

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