February 9, 2011

project 365/40 ~ no more skeletons in the closet

You may remember that I posted a month ago about my messy closet, well mark one off of my to-do list! It has taken a while and quite a bit of purging but I have reclaimed that space.

(excuse the quality, had to use my cell phone in order to get it all in)

I built in shelves to the left to house what few books and crafting materials I chose to hold on to. I love the shelves so much I think I will do the same for the boys' closet.


To the right I mounted a small piece of pegboard so that I could hang all of my photography props.


I am so happy with the clean organization of it all that I am having a hard time keeping the closet door closed. I enjoy sitting and looking inside :)

Now to get my office back in order. I have furniture scattered about as I am reworking the layout and again purging. I have also decided to repaint it. Crazy considering the amount of work I put into it at 36 weeks pregnant with Alex, but I am craving a change. I think I am going to go with a neutral gray and pop color in the room with accent pieces.

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