January 5, 2008

Me time?

What's that? It's getting harder to update this blog while juggling 2 boys. They keep me so busy! Someone is always demanding my attention. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I feel so happy and content right now. Alex was definately the final piece to our family puzzle, we are complete.

We had a great Christmas! Ben really understood the concept this year and it was so much fun watching him. We are real impressed that he has played with ALL of his toys that he got instead of just obsessing over one thing (think trains, lol). I would post some Christmas pictures, but to be honest it's takes too much time to sort and edit them (see above comment ref to available time). Just know that good times were had by all!

Great news! We are officially on the road to potty training. In the past couple of days Ben has come to us and told us he had to go pee-pee. Then today he came and told me had to poop. Woo-hoo!!! I am so proud of my big boy!! He will wake up from nap to a freshly baked big ole chocolate cake from mommy!

Alex is growing way too fast!! I think we will be moving into 3-6 month clothing very soon. He is such a sweet baby! He is smiling and cooing now. He talks to me all the time which is really cool. He is finally growing the hair back out on the top of his head and surprisingly it is growing in blonde. I thought for sure it would be dark.

I have finally started to figure out my camera. I read and practice while Alex is nursing so I have a lot of pictures of my feet, lol. But I have managed to get a couple of cute pictures of the boys...

These are blurry and too dark, but I have to share his so sweet smile!

Well, that's all I have time for right now. I'm off to bake my big boy a cake! :)

3 thanks for stopping by, i love comments!:

Amy Callahan January 5, 2008 at 9:47 PM  

how sweet!!! It sounds like everything is wonderful in your world with 2 boys. Boys are sooo much fun. WTG Ben!!! And chocolate cake is a great reward for the potty :) I love the pic of Ben. How did you get the color like that??? It looks so great!!

Nichol-ie-o January 7, 2008 at 9:14 AM  

Love the pics! And I'm so so so glad everything is going great for you over there in BOY land! Enjoy em' and you better be taking the pics like LYla's hippo!!!!!! If not then you have to start ASAP!

♥ call me :)

We are glad you stopped by. January 13, 2008 at 8:19 PM  

Precious pics of the boys, Alex really is starting to look like a little boy!
dont' cha love these little men?

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