February 16, 2008

A sad day

Yesterday I learned that our pediatrician passed away very suddenly. Dr. Amador has cared for Ben since he was born and I was so excited for him to care for Alex. He was a very kind and gentle soul. He had a natural way with patients and parents alike. I found this posting about him yesterday...

"Yesterday during a medical dinner/conference Dr. Amador developed a headache and excused himself. He was found on the floor in the restroom, his left side paralized with slurred speech. He was asked if 911 should be called, & he agreed, then went into a coma. He was taken to the hospital and today, 02-12-08, he passed on at 3pm. DR Amador,was born in Cuba & grew up in Hudson County, NJ. He did his residency in Pediatrics at the Jersey City Medical Center, where he became a Chief Resident in Pediatrics. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he had been practicing Pediatrics since 1985. He is survived by his wife and children. Dr. Amador was a great American, a great Cuban, a great friend, a great cook, a great Dr, a great human being, and a Great Pediatrician! We, many of us, friends, relatives, patients.....thousands of us....will miss him.
May JESUS receive him with open arms, he was a good religious man!"

That posting has been followed with at least 50 other postings/comments from families that Dr. Amador treated. It is obvious that he has touched many lives. I am heartbroken. Not only did we lose a doctor, we lost a friend. Many blessings to his family as they heal.

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TanishaRenee March 24, 2008 at 11:33 AM  

How sad and sudden! WIsh you luch finding another doctor- I know how testy that process can be!

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