June 18, 2008

7 Months

My how the time flies! Once again it has been a busy month for Alex. He is full time crawling....everywhere! The little bugger is fast too. You can't turn your back on him for a second. He is pulling up onto everything, including his big brother much to his dismay, and starting to figure out how to cruise around. He says mama and he knows that's me! He's also said dada, but not with real regularity yet. There is still no sign of new teeth, but they are there just under the surface waiting to pop. He loves to eat table food! It's funny how much more relaxed you are with the second kid. With Ben I had a freezer full of pureed food and followed introducing new foods according to the book. With Alex I open the fridge door and look for anything to mash with a fork, he's just not into puree. He loves avacados, carrots, (white) potatoes, chicken salad, chicken & dumplings, egg yolk, and saltine & graham crackers.

Our biggest development is we started sleep training this week. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by posting this, but it has gone better than I could possibly have hoped for! Ben is spending the week at Grandma's house and since Alex has been waking every hour it was time to get him out of my bed. A mama can only take so much sleep deprivation before she starts going all looney (more than usual). The first night he protested for 35 minutes, and then woke at midnight, 2:30, and 4:45. Last night he protested for only 13 minutes and slept through until 4:15! I got up at some point to make sure he was still breathing. He has never slept for that long of a stretch. After feeding him and laying him back down he slept until 6:45. I am in shock at how easy it has been. He is even napping for 2 hours at a time in his crib. Of course the real challenge will be when Ben gets home and discovers he now has to share his room with Alex. I sure hope his feelings won't be too hurt.

I did a photoshoot with Alex yesterday. It has been a while since the last one. I have been waiting for him to sit up on his own. There are only take so many ways you can take pictures of a baby on his belly. Well, as luck would have it he started crawling before he could sit up. It is extremely difficult to take pictures of a baby that keeps crawling away! I do think I got some cute ones though. Warning...LOTS of photos below, but that is why you visit my blog right?

Who is that cutie looking at me?

You can see where he was kissed by a stork on his right cheek (some call them stork bites, but I prefer kisses).

Seriously mom, aren't we done yet? Not quite baby....

See? I told you he kept crawling away!

All of the washtub pictures were taken with his daddy right behind me, hence all the funny faces...these are my favorite of the shoot!

I am king of the washtub!

I think I am getting better at taking portraits. I have learned a lot each shoot I've done, but there is still so much to absorb and improve upon. I wish I could have known Tim's grandfather, he was a photographer. I know I could have learned a lot from him.

I will conclude with a recent favorite snapshot I took of both boys at the park this past weekend. I used this picture for Tim's Father's Day card and I think it speaks volumes of our boys' lives...

3 thanks for stopping by, i love comments!:

Rachel June 22, 2008 at 7:16 AM  

the portraits are beautiful! we've missed you around SBO and I hope everything is well :)

Sarah June 22, 2008 at 1:30 PM  

I look foward to pictures of your boys! Alex is getting so big so fast! Where does the time go? :)

TanishaRenee July 2, 2008 at 8:34 PM  


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