August 13, 2008

Mission accomplished

Ben survived his first week of school, and so did I. By the third day he went in holding our hands instead of having to be carried and he didn't look so lost anymore. We did have one mishap yesterday when I went to pick him up. I walked into his classroom to find his eyes red and his lip poked out about a mile. It seems another child brought some treats to school and didn't share with Ben, although he shared with others. This hurt Ben's feelings. He kept saying kids should share.....hmm, that sounds like a familiar conversation we have had with Ben about Alex. My mama feathers did get a bit ruffled over the bully, but what can you do really? You can't protect them forever. It's a harsh lesson to learn in life...sometimes people just aren't nice. Other than that, Miss Gina said he did real well. Here are some of his first classroom assignments....

I'm pretty proud of his coloring job! Especially since he really doesn't show much interest in coloring at home. I figured it would have been more like random scribblings.

So as a treat for making it through his first week we gave him a yellow VW lovebug.

Ever since Ben has seen the Herbie (or Perbie as he calls it) movies he has been obsessed with VW bugs. Did you know they don't sell Herbies anymore? You can find them on ebay for $30-70....for a Matchbox car! It's difficult to even find a plain VW bug. And trust me, we've been looking. Well Tim finally found one! I'm not sure who was more excited...Tim, me, or Ben. I've never seen a little boy's face light up so brightly when he saw it. He has yet to put it down.

And a final bonus. When I was taking a picture of the car I sat Alex down on the backdrop and snapped a few pictures for the whole 30 seconds he sat there.

I managed to capture this really cute one....or is it that he's so cute it wouldn't matter how or where I took the picture it would turn out good? I could be biased though.

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Sarah August 13, 2008 at 5:19 PM  

What a good boy and he did an awesome job coloring! Cool bug too! I didn't know that they didn't make them anymore...I can't imagine paying that much for a matchbox car!

That is a great shot of Alex! What a cutie pie! He looks so grown up!

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