August 12, 2008

The Outtakes

You may have noticed my snazzy new picture over there to the right. I recently caved and did a home hair dye job even though I swore to never color my own hair again after turning it green 15 (or so) years ago....and it wasn't even a cool funky green, it was the color of mold. So to celebrate my new light golden brown (at least that what the box says, my verdict is still out) I decided to attempt a self portrait. This is far more difficult than you might think. First off, the focal length of my lens does not allow me to just hold the camera in front of myself and snap away. I have to use a mirror. Do you know how ridiculous it feels to smile at yourself in the mirror? And then you have to aim your camera just right to get yourself in the picture and in focus. I have a lot of great shots of the top of my head, wall behind me or just one big blur.

It got a lot more fun when Ben decided to jump in on the action.

What a goofball....both of us! :)

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Sarah August 13, 2008 at 5:23 PM  

LOVE the color of your walls! I'm going to paint my computer room this winter and may have to steal your color :) That first pic of you and Ben is so freakin' cute! And, as you know, I love that color on you! It really does suit you :)

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