August 11, 2008

Milestone Monday

Today was Ben's first day of school. He woke up bright eyed and full of excitement promptly at 6:30 ready to go. We both did great until we got to the parking lot. Then he immediately clung to Tim and I had to choke back the tears. We took him inside to the common room to meet his classmates and teachers. I think it was all a little bit overwhelming. There were lots of kids running around playing, and a few quite hysterical at being left. I'm not sure Ben knew what to think at that point other than he did not want to be put down. Fortunately Miss Gina came over and scooped him up. It was such a relief (yet heartbreaking at the same time) when he wrapped his arms around her neck. I knew at that moment that as hard as this was going to be, he would be okay. He knew he could trust her and I did too. My precious boy never cried...I, however, cried all the way home.

I watched the clock all morning long. Even though school is only 4 hours long it felt like 40. I was so filled with worry, anxiety, and nervous energy. I wondered what he was doing and how he was getting along with everybody. Everytime the phone rang my stomach flipped over thinking it might be the school calling telling us we needed to come get him. I was so relieved when it was finally time to go pick him up.

When we walked into the classroom he was sitting in the floor happily playing. He broke out into a huge grin when he saw us and came running over, blurting out the details of his day. He said he drew a picture, played with kids, and ate a snack. Miss Gina said he did not take long to open up and did very well. She also said he is a very sweet boy, but I already knew that. When we got into the car I asked if he had a good time. To which he replied "uh huh! let's do it again!". Let's hope he still feels that way tomorrow morning.

Some funnies....all day long he kept saying he had to play quietly. I have a feeling he must have heard that statement from his teachers a lot today. He also was instructed to draw a self portrait that we will get to see at the end of the school year. So I asked him about it. He said that he didn't draw a picture of Ben, he drew a picture of the grocery store. Then he proceeded to say that he couldn't draw clothes so mommy was naked. Is that how he really sees me? Naked at the grocery store? Oh my! I think I'll let Tim go pick him up on the last day.

In other milestone news.....Alex took his first independent steps today. It was only 3 steps from the chair to the footstool, but they were purposeful. Amazing how a few cookies can motivate you. It won't be long now before he starts walking in earnest. Ben started at 9 1/2 months so Alex is pretty much right on target with him.

I also noticed a new top tooth that has broken through. I think the other side should be making an appearance anytime now, the gums are bulging. At least now I know why he refused to nap this weekend. I will be glad when all of his teeth come in. Alex definitely takes teething a lot harder than Ben did....or maybe I just have selective memory.

Overall a pretty big day in our house and this mama is wore out!

P.S. Sorry, there are no pictures of Ben's 1st school day. I just couldn't focus (hee, hee) on taking pictures. It was all I could do to maintain a brave face for Ben's sake.

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Melissa August 12, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

What a proud Mommy you must be! WTG Ben on your 1st day! And Alex is already taking his 1st steps? Wow! So wonderful.

Anonymous August 12, 2008 at 5:21 PM  

One word for "first days of school"---SUNGLASSES!


Sarah August 12, 2008 at 7:01 PM  

WOW! What a big day! You must be so proud of Ben...and Alex! They are growing up so fast! I'm proud of you too momma! You did good :)

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