September 19, 2008

The apple (pie) of my eye

Ben has been learning about apples in school so now he wants all things apple...apples (red, yellow, and green), apple juice, apple get the idea. We can't keep enough apples in the house. He's always enjoyed munching on a fresh apple for a snack, only now it's become a need. I guess there are worse habits to have. I did decide to oblige his request for an apple pie much to his delight. I believe I have mentioned before how he loves to help bake.

As I was peeling and slicing the apples he told me about the star in the middle and asked to see it.

I had forgotten how the seeds form a star. It makes me so proud to know that not only is he learning in school, but that he is retaining the information (and teaching it to me).

Here is our finished product.

It turned out mighty tasty! Not bad for my 1st attempt at homemade apple pie.

Ben also made an appearance in our local newspaper this week. Look for the arrows pointing him out, otherwise it becomes a game of Where's Waldo (Ben).

The children created flag art in remembrance of September 11th. Ben's flag is now proudly being displayed on the refrigerator. Would you believe he can recite the Pledge of Allegiance? I had no clue until he spouted it off during bath time last week. That's my boy!

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Sarah September 21, 2008 at 2:48 PM  

I never even knew there was a star in the middle of an apple LOL Cool! That pie looks delicious! How cute that he was in the paper! Way to go Ben!

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