January 10, 2009

All About Alex-Part 2

I knew I'd forgotten some things I didn't want to forget in my previous post about Alex so I've been keeping a list until I could get back to a computer.

-loves music and dancing

-giggles insanely while playing peek-a-boo and patty cake

-Curious george is his favorite cartoon

-says "night-night" and goes down for naps and bedtime with no problems at all (never thought we'd see this day)

-mimics me talking on the phone, will say "hello" when the phone is held to his ear

-makes motor noises while playing with cars and trucks

-has had 3 more teeth break through, no new teeth for 6-8 months and gets 4 all at once

-would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal if you let him

-now routinely climbs up on the kitchen table, I wouldn't be surprised if an ER visit is very near in our future

-his nicknames include:pumpkin doodle (Ben actually prefers to call him pumpkin pie or apple pie), grumpy bear, and Alexander the Grouch

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