May 29, 2009

On the move


As I sat at the picnic table the other day watching the boys' pinwheel spin in the wind I had a thought. Well, I had many thoughts (why does Ben ask why? so many can Alex go happy to pissed in less than 2 seconds flat...what should I cook for dinner...I should really change out my toenail polish) but, the one I want to talk about now is capturing real life. I spend so much time trying to freeze action for a perfect clear picture, I forget that it's just as important to show life as it really is, one big busy blurry whirlwind. So I issued this week's iSpy challenge 'Motion' with this goal in mind.

I used a panning technique here, moving the camera along with Ben as he raced the road on his Big Wheel (his new favorite summertime activity).

Everybody say jump, jump!

It was kind of freeing to let go of the stress of achieving perfect clarity. And I do believe I have some favorite new images. I am able to see my boy exactly as he is in real life...always on the move.

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Brooke & The Boys June 4, 2009 at 11:28 AM  

LOVE THESE PICS! BEAU HAS THE SAME BIG WHEEL!!! Ok, so I actually stole it from side of the road in our neighborhood on trash day! But he never knew the difference!

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