May 17, 2009

Picasso(s) in the making

A couple of weeks ago some volunteers from a local art association visited the preschool to teach the children the importance of art and worked on a project with them. Yesterday they held an art show to display the artwork created by the children. Ben's class worked with colored chalk on black paper.

Here he is proudly (i.e. I had to beg him to sit there long enough for a picture) showing off his project.
Showing off his drawing at the art show

When asked (I needed a little help figuring it out), he said it was a machine with lots of pipes and then he proceeded to demonstrate with his arms and sound effects how the machine worked. I just love his imagination.

After we got home we continued the art theme and pulled out the paints. For teacher appreciation gifts I purchased 2 terracotta pots for Ben to paint. They will be filled with a lovely smelling lavender plant that they can later plant in their gardens.



He loves painting!

Alex had to be part of the action too.

By the way, washable paint is not entirely washable from furniture.
Thanks Crayola.

Fortunately is does wash off the body pretty well.

And the face.

Here are Ben's completed masterpieces.

I think they turned out very pretty!

Alex's masterpiece went down the drain during bath time :)

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Melissa May 20, 2009 at 2:32 PM  

What a great imagination! Your boys are just too darn cute.

I love your idea for Teacher Appreciation! She will love them!

I too know all too well that washable paint isn't always can see that by looking at my carpet...argh. They should change it to "Mostly Washable".

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