August 4, 2009

My Kindergartener

My ever so smart 5yo told me yesterday "I can't stay home forever". It's true, even though I don't want to accept it. Today he took a huge leap into a whole new world, big boy school. Gone are the lazy days of popsicles and play schedules of our own design. I must say he did me proud. There were no tears...from either of us. Okay, I got a bit choked saying goodbye and walking out of his classroom, but I managed to swallow it back. It's so scary to think of my baby in that huge place. I worried about him getting lost, getting overwhelmed, not eating his lunch, getting into trouble with his wild boy nature, and a million other things that as a mother I reserve the right to worry about. I'm happy to say he came home with a green happy face which means he had a good day. That's my boy!

Here he is walking out the door, complete with backpack and Bumblebee lunch box. He was so excited!

Sitting at his desk. Goodness he looks so big, where did the time go?

I embellished his folders last night trying to channel my nervous didn't really work. But the folders are cute :)

I survived the day while waiting for 3 o'clock and most importantly I survived the carpool lane! Although tomorrow I must remember to bring a book to read while waiting in line. On the ride home I asked him what he had learned today. Here's what he remembers...

-what to do during a fire drill
-how to walk in a line...hand on hip, hand on lips, quietly (I must remember this trick)
-story about raccoons, including a drawing afterwards
-it's hard not to wiggle during rest time
-snack time means ICE CREAM!

He can't wait to go back tomorrow!

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Anonymous August 6, 2009 at 6:04 PM  

I can hardly believe that is our Ben. He has matured so since I last saw him which wasn't even a month ago. Or is it that he is all cleaned up and looking scholarly. Isn't it great though that he likes school. He is starting on a big journey and will enjoy learning so many things. Love You Ben. Grandma

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