September 8, 2009

Where does the time go? -Part 1


This past week Ben has decided to call me Mom. He even corrects himself if he slips up and calls me Mommy. I told him it was okay, that I liked being called Mommy. It means he's still my little boy. He informed me that he is growing up and doesn't want to be a little boy forever. Noooooooo! I'm so not ready for this. Why can't they stay little forever? Fortunately he hasn't reached the phase were it's embarrassing to give me hugs and kisses in public.

He is doing very well in school. I am proud to report that he was 'Student of the Week' last week! With this privilege he had to complete an 'All About Ben' poster so that his classmates could learn more about him. He also took in some pictures of his favorite things...his were firetrucks, riding his bike with his daddy, playing in the sprinkler with his friends, eating popsicles, and his mommy ♥.

He got to be the teacher's helper all week and be the line leader. Hand on hips, finger on lips ;)

Tim and I took turns that week going to eat lunch with him. It was fun getting a sneak peek into his daily routine. He really enjoys learning and continues practicing his lessons when at home. His teacher says that he is a joy to teach. I am so proud of my little big boy!

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Sarah September 8, 2009 at 4:00 PM  

Oh my gosh! They grow up so freaking fast! He's just too must be such a proud mommy....oops...I mean mom :)

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