November 17, 2009

Which came first...the baby chick or scrambled eggs?

Tonight at dinner somehow the topic of baby chickens came up and Ben wanted to know where baby chickens came from. The conversation went a little like this...

B: where do baby chickens come from?

Me: they are hatched from eggs

B: what kind of eggs?

Me: the kind that chickens lay

B: like at grandma's house?

Me: yes

B: (eyes get huge as he realizes what this means) but what about the eggs we eat?

Me: well, an egg has to be fertilized in order for a baby chicken to grow inside the egg. the eggs you get from grandma's house or the grocery store haven't been fertilized so we can eat them, like scrambled eggs.

B: oh......what does fertilized mean?

Me: um. uh. well, um, it means, uh......

Thank goodness for the short attention span of the 5 year old mind! By the time I had finished stumbling over my um's and uh's trying to figure the best way to explain fertilization he had moved onto another topic.

Another recent conversation we had was when I told him about Tara getting married. He asked what married was. I explained that people get married because they love each other and want to have a family together. He confirmed that he was not married, then declared himself to young to be married. I wholeheartedly agreed, he is far too young to be married. Imagine how I smiled when he then stated "maybe when I'm 6 I can get married". I ♥ his silly, sweet innocence!


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Anonymous November 18, 2009 at 1:18 PM  

Better get prepared. The subject is not closed just put on hold. Love the hat. Kind of brings out his personality. LRD

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