January 4, 2010

meet Otto!

meet otto, our newest family member

You knew it was coming, right? I've missed having a dog so much lately I just couldn't stand it anymore and when this opportunity arose for this sweet pup we really didn't even hesitate. He is a 6 week old South African Boerboel (a type of Mastiff) and Rottweiler mix, so he'll be a big boy! We've had him for almost a week now and he's settled in nicely. The kitties are still thinking about it, but the boys have enjoyed running him ragged around the house.

I still miss my Kojak, there will never be another like him, but I am glad we went ahead and extended our family to include Otto.

Although next time we feel the need for a puppy that requires housebreaking we will strongly consider the season....20 degrees is too cold to be making multiple trips outside all throughout the day!

But I guess this face is worth it, even with food dribbling out....


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Catherine January 4, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

He is ADORABLE! I bet he smells like puppy breath and his nice shiny sharp white teeth to chew things up. He's precious!

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