January 5, 2010

a new year

A new year full of possibilities, hope, new friends, old friends, and puppy breath.

We celebrated New Year's Eve by having a mini party with just me and the boys. We made hot wings, little smokies, cheese and crackers, and had little wooden toothpicks....because the man in the yellow hat (Curious George) says it's not a party until you eat food with little toothpicks. The boys enjoyed their silly hats and horn blowers.


look at those cheeks!

I have a few resolutions set for myself...

The one everyone makes every year, weight loss. I hope to get back down to 120lbs. I had made it at the beginning of summer, but when things went awry so did my snacking habits and lack of exercise. It's time to get it back under control. I have to look sassy for my best friend's wedding at the end of March ;)


I want to reignite my passion for shooting. As with my weight, my desire to pull out my camera also went to the wayside after summer. I'm ready to pick it back up again.


I did get the opportunity to photograph this 7 day old newborn for practice last month.


When I came home and looked at what I had captured I actually cried. I was overwhelmed and really proud of how I was able to capture the love between mother and child.


I have decided to explore the possibility of becoming a (strictly) newborn photographer and already have another practice session lined up for March. We'll see how it goes.

Other resolutions include finding a way to give back to others (random acts of kindness), being a better friend, being a better mother, staying on task and letting the worries go.

Oh, and to get more kisses from him...

and snuggles with him....

Twenty-ten! This will be a better year.

1 thanks for stopping by, i love comments!:

kelleysbeads January 6, 2010 at 3:58 PM  

I agree, twenty-ten will be a better year. LOVE the newborn pics you took and excited for your session in March!

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