January 7, 2010

snow day!

Well, as it is in the south, any threat of snow causes panic and pandemonium. Suddenly every one feels the need to stock up on bread, milk and eggs and promptly forgets how to drive....hence the reason for an early dismissal yesterday at school. No worries, we had plenty of time to drop my car off at the shop, pick up some firewood and head home to wait for the snow.

Ben loves the snow and has spent every possible moment he can outside.


catching snowflakes

oh to be a child again!

I forget that Otto doesn't have the furry coat like Kojak did. He had fun romping around for a short while, but then whined to go back inside to the warmth of the fire.

trying to figure out how to make a snowball

check out that devious look as he's aiming a snowball at me!

One of the advantages to having a sloped driveway is it is tons of fun to slide down on a piece of cardboard

that is, until the dog attacks :)

and just because I think it's pretty

We have a nice coating from overnight, maybe an inch total so we'll be pulling on our boots and heading back out to play!

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Melissa January 8, 2010 at 8:27 PM  

All your pictures are so beautiful! And your puppy - oh my! Have fun with the snow!

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