March 14, 2011

project 365/58 ~ thinking twice about it...


Brothers....they love each other, yet at times they love to hate each other. I guess this rings true with any sibling relationship.

The other day I caught Ben hitting his brother and he recieved a stern talking to, then he did it again the next day. This is really out of character for him so I wanted to be sure to nip this issue in the bud before it develops into a real problem. I took away his current prized possession for the day, his computer. After several declarations that I had ruined his life forever (oh the drama age 6 brings) I informed him that maybe next time he will think twice before hitting his brother.

Ben came back to me about 30 minutes later to let me know he had thought about hitting his brother 2 times and could he please have his computer back now...somehow I think my message was lost in translation.

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