July 31, 2007

busy, busy, busy

That's how I've been. I will be 26 weeks tomorrow....next week begins the 3rd trimester, only 14 weeks to go, only 3 months to go....sounds really scary put that way. I am simply amazed at how fast the time has flown by. It seems it was much longer with Ben. I had a checkup today. Got to do the fun glucose test. We'll find out if I passed or failed in the next day or so. Laurie, the midwife said I was measuring beautifully.....even though I gained 8 lbs this month, eek! That brings my total up to 14 lbs. I'm still doing better than before though. At this point with ben I had already gained 24 lbs. I know I' haven't been very good about sweets lately but I am getting back on track. I go back in 3 weeks for my next appointment and then I start going every 2 weeks....yet another reminder that the end is quickly approaching.

I'm starting to feel anxious with all that's left to do to prepare. I did start the process this past weekend of swapping the rooms out. I got both closets cleaned out and swapped over. I have sorted through all of Ben's clothes from birth until now. It was so much fun to go through all of his baby clothes, brought back memories. I also pulled out all of the baby gear. We are pretty much set other than a few things. I would like to get a new carseat, a travel swing, and bassinet. I would also like to get a few outfits for going out since there is a seasonal difference between Ben and this one. I started a registry on Target.com (registry is under my name if you'd like to take a look) to keep track of what I want. I did get a little carried away selecting items. It's so much fun looking at baby items I couldn't help myself :)

I am hoping to have a yard sale in the next 2 weeks so I can make some money for needed items and unload a bunch of junk. I already have a huge pile and I still need to go through mine and Tim's closet and the basement. How do we manage to collect so much stuff???

I've packed away all of my scrapbooking supplies now that I have completed by design team term with Serendipity Scrapbooks. This last kit I received was my favorite by far! Here's a sneak peek....

I also did a mini album titled Ben's Eye View that I used all of the pictures Ben took one day (see previous post-A Budding Photographer). It turned out really cute! You'll be able to view at Serendipity's website after tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take long to get my new room set up so I can get back to scrapping! I have lots of catching up to do with Ben's stuff before my new scrapbooking subject arrives.

I wanted to share this awesome new diaper bag that Christy's mom (from Scrapgarden)made for me....

She did a BEAUTIFUL job!! Her stitch work is amazing! I picked out my fabric and colors. She was so easy to work with, and fast! We started talking and 2 weeks later it was delivered to my door. She is very reasonably priced too, $35 for a custom order. If you are interested in having her make you a custom tote you can find her on ebay and etsy.com....search for the name debstitches. Or contact me and I will give you her email address.

Ohhh, I have some breaking news, standby for a new post.....

2 thanks for stopping by, i love comments!:

Christy July 31, 2007 at 10:23 PM  

That bag is too cute -- I love how it turned out. :)

Amy Callahan August 1, 2007 at 8:08 AM  

love that LO!!! You truely rock!!! The bag is so cute too, but is it big enough? LOL! Off to check out your Target site! :)

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