May 12, 2009

The Story of Stuff

In my wanderings of the internet today I stumbled across this link. I don't even remember how I got there, but it's message has been on my mind the rest of the day. It's a 20 minute clip on the story of stuff from the orgins of extraction, production, consumption, and disposal. Granted it took me more like 45 minutes to get through it thanks to 2 little boys that like to wrestle and then tattle on each other, but it was well worth the effort to watch.

In a time were we have become an instant gratification, disposable society we often get lost in our own (perceived) needs, greeds, and wants to stop and think of the impact we are having on our lives. Not just environmentally, but psychologically. I know I've been guilty of feeling less than (or even worse, envious) because I didn't have the latest and greatest. Your self worth is not defined by what you have, rather than by what you do. So please, take a few minutes and watch. It may seem a bit extremist and politically charged at times, but the core lesson is there. Learn from it.

This is just what I needed to remind myself at a time that I needed it most of what's really important for me, my children, and their future.

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