July 24, 2009

Finding joy in the little things

I pulled my camera out for the 1st time in what has seemed like forever for a play outside. It felt nice having it in my hand again.

A butterfly is a symbol of transformation and as we are in the midst of many life transitions right while we deal with losses and prepare our oldest son for a huge milestone in the next couple of weeks (Kindergarten), I can't help but feel like this beauty was sent to me. I haven't seen many Eastern Tiger Swallowtails all summer, especially in my yard. Yet on this day she hung around our crepe myrtle long enough for me to run inside to grab my camera.
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Here's a Skipper that just loves our mint plant
head on skipper

All rolled up
all rolled up

Delicately perched
delicate perch

I'm pretty sure I know where all of the alien movies get their costume inspiration from...
inspiration for alien movies

You bee looking at me?
You bee looking at me?


An American Painted Lady TTV style
American Painted Lady TTV

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Sarah July 29, 2009 at 2:07 PM  

Your photos are always amazing! We haven't seen very many butterflies this year because of the ridiculous amount of rain we've been having.

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