December 20, 2010

cabin fever


The flu has hit our house. It started last Sunday evening with Ben, by Monday morning he was running a temp of 102.9. On Wednesday evening the fever found Alex. The cruel irony is school was canceled on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday due to snow and ice, but the boys were not able to get out and play in it. We've been couped up in the house watching movie after movie, eating lots of chicken noodle soup, and drinking plenty of gatorade (or gator juice as Ben calls it). The boys did find some entertainment in playing dress up with their fire helmets and our old Grady jackets.


They are both on the mend now and full of pent up energy. Here's hoping for sunny weather in the next week so I can get them outside to run it off!

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kelleysbeads December 20, 2010 at 9:26 AM  

TOO CUTE in those helmets and jackets!!! Sooo glad they are feeling better finally :)

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